Christmas Cards

2021 Christmas card

This year's environmentally friendly, low-emission and carbon negative Christmas card.

Links to two print-it-yourself pdf files are below, one for a single-fold card and one for a two-fold card:



previous Christmas cards

Christmas cards for 2020. Hopefully only relevant this year.

December 2019, Santa visits every house in the World.

February 2020, pandemic.

Coincidence ....

Links to two print-it-yourself pdf files are below, one for a single fold card, one for a two-fold card:

Christmas cards from 2019:



Santa watched too much TV in the off-season.

Christmas cards for 2018. Please download the card from the  links below.





Santa also needs a permit for confined space entry, task risk assessment and to consult the matrix of permitted operations.

Christmas 2017

Topical at the time. North Korea was busy testing nuclear bombs.

Christmas 2016

The artist is a vegetarian.

Christmas 2015

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Christmas 2014

I spent a happy year working in Turkey when a Russian warplane was shut down in Turkish airspace. Santa needs to take care.