Installing the Eclipse Embedded Systems Register View plugin

I had some 'issues' getting the Eclipse Embedded Systems Register View plugin to install in Eclipse Oxygen under Linux Mint 18. When I tried to install the plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace, I repeatedly got an error:

Artifact not found...

Thanks to a Sourceforge issue post here I got the plugin installed. A solution to the problem is towards the bottom of this post. However, I needed to modify the solution slightly. So I'm putting up my work around here.
We need to download the plugin then tell Eclipse where the download is.

Downloading the plugin

We download the plugin using the 'wget' command

I had to slightly modify the script given in the Sourceforge post to get this to work. Please find the code below. Make yourself a directory to install the plugin to. Create an executable script with the code below and after you are happy that this is not a nefarious attempt at my making your system into my zombie, run it.


mkdir -p features plugins
cd ./features

cd ../plugins


Your directory should now have two subdirectories called 'plugins' and 'features' each containing two .jar files. There will be a file called site.xml in the parent directory that you created.

Installing the plugin

In Eclipse, go to the 'Help' menu. Click on 'Install New Software'. Next to the 'Work with' window click on the button 'Add'. Next to the window called 'Name' click on the button called 'Local...' and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the plugin. I called this directory 'embsysregviewer. Please find a screenshot of the menus below.

Now you need to give the repository a name in the 'Add Repository' window. I called it 'embsysviewer local'. The name does not matter, so long as it makes sense to you.

Now you should see the Available Software screen fill with goodness:

Select the emsysregview plugin and click on Next. to complete the installation, you need to accept the licence and that you are installing 'unsigned content'. Eclipse will ask to be restarted. You should now have the Embedded Systems Register View plugin installed.

Getting this to work sunk an hour or so, but it gave me an overview of how to download and install a plugin should I encounter a similar issue in the future.

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